Guild Auction

Over the years, I have used multiple methods and criteria for determining either the winning bid or winning price for a guild hall re-sale.

One of the biggest reasons I changed the criteria each time is so that people cannot "stock up" with what was needed and have a planned advantage for the next auction.

People have shared their feedback with each approach and so I am using that feedback for the next upcoming auction.

Based on the feedback, people want to see a guild with active members who take part in the game and do things together, help each other out, etc. Here is how the earlier methods have not worked out in one way or another.

Max Bid.
The maximum or highest bid tends to favor players who have been on the server the longest. Maybe they found the best map to farm for money and have scripted that to collect a massive fortune. This does not necessary mean they will be or are active going forward. So, this time around, the guild re-sale will not be a maximum bid wins event. In fact, this re-sale event coming up will not involve collecting any currency as payment.

Group of Three.
This was to ensure that there would be a guild leader and co-leaders. However, the short notice for getting together this "group" did not always mean the players really knew each other and trusted each other to bring them in to a guild and build it up. In one case, turns out the group just simply did not get along with each other as they had different ideas or play styles. I don't really know, but needless to say the guild collapsed after a few short months. For this guild re-sale, There will be no group or minimum number of participants as a requirement. Sure, you can organize with people to take part in the event - but who makes the final turn in or "payment" is up to your group.

Minimum Level.
This was to try and make sure the bidder(s) had some experience with the game and put some time in to it before taking on a big responsibility of operating a guild. But again, this did not mean that the player was active and often available on the server. This time around for the guild re-sale there is no minimum player level requirement.


So, what is going to happen this time around?


Starting sometime, as in some random time that day (CST time zone, -6 GMT), on Wednesday, Dec-06-2017 this page will be updated with the first out of 15 requirements for "winning" the guild resale.

I will be using a d50 that I acquired through a Kickstarter project to roll for a random, in-game item from a table of my own creation. And then roll the dice again for a quantity. That will be the requirement for that day. For instance, the item requirement for that day could be: 21 Healing Potions or 37 Holy Shields.

In many ways, this guild re-sale will be a scavenger hunt of items.

The random dice roll process will repeat the next day until final day of Dec-20-2017.

   December 2017
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
                1  2
 3  4  5  6  7  8  9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30

For immediate access to the list of items and quantity, you can check Metalforge's Twitter account.

IMPORTANT: The results of the dice roll be be posted on Twitter first!?

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Turn in or item collection (or "purchase transaction") will take place on Dec-21st at a yet to be announced time. This will be posted in the next day or two.


Items to collect for the guild. Please send Leaf an in-game tell if you have the listed items collected. That will determine if a tie breaker contest is needed or not.

Date Item Quantity
Dec-06 flametome of medium fireball 11
Dec-07 falchion 34
Dec-08 apple 40
Dec-09 prayerbook of medium healing 23
Dec-10 high shield 29
Dec-11 mithril chainmail 9
Dec-12 balm of insulation 22
Dec-13 jack boots 39
Dec-14 grimoire of confusion 21
Dec-15 pink rose 43
Dec-16 mint sprig 50
Dec-17 spiked shield 17
Dec-18 flint and steel 17
Dec-20 bright lantern 24