Metalforge Server and Client Compatibility

The Metalforge server is running Crossfire v1.12-beta-r17660M which was released in March 2012.

Since then there have been numerous updates (2,870 and counting) in regards to GTKv2 client, JX Client, server, maps, archetypes and related game components such as sound and metaserver.

Current releases of the GTKv2 and JX Client are compatible with the server, but some functions do not work.


Critical Messages & Message windows or tabs in the GTKv2 client

The Metalforge server does not support filtering Messages and Critical Messages to the respective windows sections of tabs in the GTKv2 client. This is not a problem or configuration within the client, the server simply does not have the code to support such a function included within it.

client screenshot


Item Generation Issue

It is possible for randomly generated rods to appear in the game that do not have enough mana or spell points to be able to cast the spell. Specifically, a level 110 Word of Recall that does nothing.

Alchemy skill to create the item Balm of Traveling and/or Balm of Return Home is broken, it will not work as a Word of Recall potion.

Code Base and Upgrade Status

TL;DR code base for version branches 1.12.x does not allow for a clean migration/upgrade (and overall compatible) with trunk version 1.73

Identified issues so far:

  • Numerous archetypes no longer function because of the movement code changes
    • For instance, many of the door ways or gates block player movement
      • This means players are either blocked out of apartment maps or locked in their apartment
  • Experience and levels are different
    • A player will lose or drop a significant amount of experience and levels
  • Guild maps are not compatible and need to be completely cleared out
  • Guild memberships do no transfer over from branches 1.12.x to the Python based trunk guilds in 1.73
    • Guilds would need to be repurchased and acquired


What Else?

More to be added when such issues are identified.