FTP Sites throughout the world where Crossfire can be obtained.

The current version of the Crossfire server is 1.71.0 as of 2014-Apr-05.



ATTENTION Linux Users:

  • Note1: Refer to the Crossfire Wiki for a list of package dependencies for the server and client
  • Note2: Refer to the Crossfire wiki for a list of Linux distributions that have precompiled packages of the client and server, along with other instructions

ATTENTION Windows Users:

  • Note1: A somewhat regular snapshot is available for the server and client, no compiling is needed - just download and install from the .exe file
  • Note2: There are two (2) installation files required - the server and the maps, both available as .exe files


The general commands to check out a module (archtypes, client, maps, server, et al) is the following:

  • svn co
  • svn co
  • svn co
  • svn co

See the SVN page for more information on SVN commands, syntax, options, etc.

Compile from Source:

See the Crossfire Wiki for more information on how to compile the server and client(s) from the source code.

Linux Server & Clients:

Windows Server:

Mac OS X - X11 CF Client:

Mac OS X - X11 GTK Client, Intel:

SVN Snapshot:

Mac OS X - X11 GTK Client, PPC:

Windows GTK Client:

Windows Build Environment for MinGW:

Linux Client GTK-v2, RPM:

JX Client:

Gridarta (formerly CF Java Editor):

Note: Use the official build, as this is considered the stable version, to work on Crossfire map content. The daily builds should only be used for map editor development, development preview or testing.


Command to check out (read only) the Gridarta for Crossfire map editor:

  • git clone git:// gridarta-gridarta